Oglivy Study Shows Power of Integrated Social Sales

A study by Oglivy & Mather and ChatTrends reveals that social media engagement has a positive impact on consumers. This study focused on quick service (fast food) restaurants and revealed  that social media activity could boost consumption. Rather than just focusing on social, the study focused on demonstrating the results of social media in tandem with other platforms for brand messaging. The results showed that social media was most successful when integrated with other forms of advertising media.

The study showed that, compared to the control group, individuals exposed to social and other forms of advertising had a 2-7 times greater likelihood of consumption as well has higher spend.

A sample of the study’s findings include:

  • Social media PLUS billboard ads (out of home): Approximately 2x greater likelihood of higher spend or consumption

  • People exposed to social media plus news stories or editorials spent 17% more week-over-week

  • Social media PLUS TV ads generated a 2x greater likelihood of higher consumption (observed for Wendy’s)

The study tracked combining social media with news stories,TV ads and billboards. The study recruited 404 individuals who used ChatTrends’ BrandEncounter Platform to report real-time exposure to a wide variety of touch points across 5 brands including McDonalds, Taco Bell, KFC, Wendy’s and Subway.

According to Walter Carl, Founder and Chief Research Officer of ChatTrends, “Because we captured detailed touchpoint data in the moment from the consumer’s point of view we were able to track day-to-day brand exposures and assess the complex interaction effects of the various media and marketing initiatives.”

Though the study focused on quick service restaurants, there is a broader message to be gleaned. By combining social media engagement with other forms of content, it can have a powerful effect on influencing customer behavior. Whether a business is selling sandwiches or cloud software, joining social sales with other forms of marketing and advertising can be advantageous.

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