Getting Started with Social Sales Part 1: Profile Optimization

Closing deals is, more often than not, a competition. You’re going up against other reps at rival companies or even your own. Many sales agents have discovered that incorporating social sales into their sales process can give them an advantage. In fact, a study from A Salesguy Consulting showed that reps who use social outperform their peers 78% of the time.

But getting started with social sales can seem daunting. You might have heard statistics that using social media in your sales can up your conversion rate (a Hubspot study says that integrating social into the sales process ups conversion rates by 13%) or you might even know some fellow salespeople who have successfully used social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter to close deals. But it can sometimes be difficult to figure out exactly how to start selling socially.

If you haven’t received social sales training, you’re not alone. The same A Salesguy Consulting study showed that 70% of salespeople haven’t received social sales training. However, lack of social sales training shouldn’t discourage you. Since all journeys begin with the first step, let’s examine the best place to start.

Social Sales Begin with You

You might already have profiles on social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. But ask yourself this: have you really taken the time to make those profiles stand out? Here are some quick tips for optimizing your profile on social sites.

Look Professional and Friendly

Do you appear in your profile pictures the way you would at an in-person meeting? If not, it’s time for new profile pictures. You should take care to appear confident and professional, but also friendly.

Use High Resolution Photos

If your picture is grainy it is not going to make you stand out. Make sure to invest in a picture that really showcases what you look like. If you don’t own an HD camera, ask your friends and colleagues. Chances are you know someone who does.

Include Information About Your Company

A tendency that some salespeople have is to only talk about their own achievements in profiles (this is especially true of LinkedIn profiles.) Remember that as a sales rep, you are an emissary for your company. In fact, you’re often the front-line of contact with customers, either other businesses, consumers or both, depending on your industry. As such, it’s vital to mention your company, a bit about them, and the type of solutions they offer. This can help drive inbound sales leads. Imagine if a prospect is browsing through Twitter and happens to notice you posting about the type of solution she is in the market for. A simple glance at your profile could let her know more about your company and help nudge her toward a sales conversation.


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